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March 29, 2023

helpQuestion asked by: Everyday Survey

Do you like the name "Everyday Survey"?

How it works


Answer Questions

Every day a new question will be displayed on the website. Each question will be some form of multiple choice. Just answer the question and be sure you're logged in to get credit for the daily question.


Ask Questions

For every question you ask, you will get a credit to ask a question. During this Beta version, asking a question will only cost 1 vote. Yep, if you find this on the first day, you can start asking questions right away. Questions can be scheduled 60 days out, so there will be a limit of 60 questions at a time. By that time, we will have increased the cost so come back every day and get a new credit. Be on the lookout for bonus questions or streaks to earn additional reward points. Sign up in your settings to be emailed daily with each questions. Questions will be monitored for duplicate and removed. If your question was a duplicate, we will email you and let you know the day it is being asked.


Redeem your rewards

I needed to work on my Development skills and have always wanted to put this site together. I know that getting this to it's final form will take some time, but I didn't see an issue launching right away.